Report on the displaced people in the Shaba camps

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, thousands of displaced people from other parts of the country have poured into the Canton of Afrin, fleeing terrorism and civil war. To them, Afrin was a pocket of peace and stability under the rule of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration, which espoused ethnic and religious coexistence and tolerance.

While Afrin was under siege by both the Turkish state and its allied jihadist militias in Syria, the economic situation deteriorated. Nevertheless, Afrin and its surrounding areas managed to accommodate more than three hundred thousand mostly Arab refugees. The local administration had to accommodate some of them in mosques, schools, and other places, like Qetme, Kafr Janna, and Midan Akbaz train stations. Many refugees also lived in houses and flats among the locals.

Report 15.06.2018 (PDF)

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